Root, n. [M E. and late AS. rote]  4. the source or origin of an action, quality, etc. (Breathe)  6. a supporting part, a base (Be Well) 7. an essential part, a core (Be Strong) 
v.i. 1-2 To become settled and grow.
Be Well.
Be Strong.
Become Still & Grow...TM

Morning, Mid-Day & Evening Yoga ~ Classes invite beginners & encourage the continuing student to build strength, stamina & flexibility. Therapeutically based multi-level sequencing & postural modifications are emphasized to facilitate a successful practice for each individual. Group classes at Roots expertly balance a dual emphasis of systematic core strengthening as a pillar of well being, and the therapeutic applications of yoga, which invite greater freedom,comfort & understanding in our experience.

        Morning Yoga classes are tailored to the wakeful bio-rhythms of our system, building energy and stimulating metabolism.

        Mid-Day Yoga classes offer the body and mind a respite at just the right time of day. Transition to the afternoon with more energy, a greater sense of comfort in the body & calm in the mind.

        Evening Yoga classes enhance the ability of our body and mind to process our days experience, prepare for a blissful end of day and seller into an inspired rest.

Focus ~ Developed by Janice as an avenue to manage chronic pain, in this class experience the deep release as three modalities of healing are woven together. The first, the practice of Yoga and the cultivation of calm mind & therapeutic breath is established in supportive restorative yoga poses. Self acupressure is then introduced as the next method of deep release of held tension in the body, followed by deeper muscular release with massage technique utilizing the acupressure tools. Following a system of acupressure successfully used in Janice's massage practice, this class consistently offers the quality of release offered on the massage table...a mini massage in the yoga room!

Restorative ~ Therapeutic breath & stillness in supported yoga postures provide the reflection for the minds cultivation of calm & deep relaxation in the body.

Restorative with Massage ~ A favorite clads of Janice's for many years, enrich the therapeutic value of each restorative pose with Massage Therapy, tailored to each individual in each pose. Check monthly schedule for periodic offerings. $5 Members, $17 Drop-in

Yoga Therapy Classes
Experience the powerful benefits a therapeutically based yoga practice can offer. To ensure optimum benefit of these highly tailored classes, *students are required to attend a private yoga therapy session with Janice prior to attending any therapy class sessions. Periodic private sessions thereafter are a requirement for continued attendance.

            Yoga for Chronic Pain ~ Learn to reduce chronic pain utilizing the many tools of Yoga Therapy. Class designed for those who attend based on the practices built in the private Yoga Therapy sessions with Janice.

             Yoga for Snydrome X ~ Using the tools of Yoga Therapy, research studies conducted are consistently finding measurable benefit to those managing High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes & Pre- Diabetic symptoms. This class teaches and builds upon the students skill set using these tools.

Other Specialty Certifications taken by Janice & coursework offered:
Yoga for Auto-Immune Issues
Yoga for Depression & Anxiety
Yoga for Seniors - Focus on Osteoporosis & Osteopenia
Yoga for Cancer
Yoga for Addiction
Yoga for PTSD
Yoga for MS & Parkinsons
Pre-Natal Yoga
Womens Issues - Teen years through menopause and beyond

If you have a group interested in any of these offerings, or would like a private session based on any of the above experiences, please contact Janice - 605.593.2803