Spearfish Healing Yoga

The value of individual attention and personalized practice is the core philosophy behind the structure of Spearfish Healing Yoga. While there is merit in the 'yoga as fitness' model and even the un-refined 'group class' model, now 26 years into my yoga journey & 9 years into my personal journey of profound healing using the tools of Yoga Therapy, my 20 year teaching expertise and service to the Spearfish community has made a 100% transition to the Yoga Therapy model. Part Healing Yoga Clinic, part Yoga Studio, students work individually with me in the private therapeutic yoga setting and are given their own home practice to attain benefits that simply cannot, in my experience, be ethically met in a group setting. The therapy clinics and specialized group classes offered become the backdrop of support and community for the serious student of yoga, or the student utilizing the tools of Yoga Therapy on a daily basis at home, on their own healing journey, and in their personal development. Even with the personalized home practice, the group work is of great value; I tailor what I teach to each person who comes in based on their home practice, and based on how they are feeling that day. Truly a multi-level experience, Yoga Therapy Clinics meet students where they are, one student may be on the mat, another practicing in a chair. Each session, each student is offered the variations that are appropriate for them, that particular day,  knowing what it is they are working on at home, and how. This specialized group work facilitates discipline in the home practice, builds a yoga community from which to draw support and connection, as well as a more productive continuing education and guided development of the personal practice. 
It is an honor offer the tools of Yoga Therapy with students, share their experience, and continue my journey as a student - through the lease of a teacher.   

                                                                                                                ~ Janice

Yoga Therapy Offerings:

Yoga for Auto-Immune Issues
Yoga for Diabetes & Syndrome X (High BP, High Cholesterol)
Yoga for Depression & Anxiety
Yoga for Seniors - Focus on Osteoporosis & Osteopenia
Yoga for Cancer
Yoga for Addiction
Yoga for PTSD
Yoga for MS & Parkinsons
Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga
Women's Issues - Teen years through menopause and beyond
Yoga for Chronic Pain

If you have a group interested in any of these offerings, or would like a private session based on any of the above experiences, contact

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