Spearfish Healing Yoga 

 'Through the vehicle of compassion, I intend to provide expert yoga instruction and greater comfort through Yoga Therapy to all who wish to learn.  It is my belief that Yoga is an integral ingredient in a mixture that sustains a purposeful life filled with loving presence, compassionate interaction, benevolent action, inspired rest, and spiritual growth. It is my experience, that Yoga Therapy, practiced under a qualified teacher, can bring about profound healing and enhanced well~being, no matter the state at which the body, breath, mind, or age the student begins their journey.'  

Understanding the importance of value, 
I consistently and consciously maintain a commitment 
to the highest standards of personal service in a safe, comfortable, transformative environment.  

Janice Olsson, LMT, CYTh, owner of Spearfish Healing Yoga, began her yoga practice in 1995, solidly in Ashtanga, with an instructor certified in the lineage of K. Pattabhi Jois. For the past 26 years, Janice has taken every opportunity to practice study and teach as much yoga as possible, while entering the graces of Motherhood, thrice.

Since 2001, the beginning of her teaching career, Janice has been blessed with the opportunity to own and operate several yoga studios in the places she's lived.

Settling back home in the Black Hills in 2003 to raise her sons,  
 she has pursued her calling of assisting people seeking to improve their well~being. Her
unique blending of massage therapy and yoga instruction has offered an in-depth, therapeutic experience to hundreds of clients in her 20 year practice.
In 2012 her study of Yoga Therapy began, which lead to a profound healing experience - bringing a nerve disease in advanced stages to a state of remission; contrary to specialist's opinions... stop doing yoga, and prognosis... this progressive, incurable nerve dis-ease would eventually leave her totally disabled.

Inspired by her process and the depth of the therapy teachings, Janice entered the 3 year masters degree equivalent program in Yoga Therapy through Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School. Her teacher, JJ Gormley, completed her initial 4 year Yoga Therapy education at the world renowned KYM in Chennai, India. Founded by "The Grandfather of Yoga", 
T. Krishnamacharya, the KYM remains dedicated to the ancient teachings of yoga and the healing applications as taught by Krishnamacharya. Jj, a student of his son and grandson, carries on the lineage with a rare closeness. 
As a student of Jj's, Janice is humbled by her subsequent closeness to the lineage, its tradition and practices, 
and the wealth of knowledge available through other teachers in this lineage. 
She brings those unique qualities to her own practice, to her students, and to those seeking Yoga Therapy. 
Aside from her 'real job' - a mother to three sons, Janice's true passion is the infinite study of yoga and sharing of the myriad gifts therein. Janice has been blessed with the opportunity to teach with Jj's school, to develop and offer yoga therapy programming for her studio in Spearfish, as well as work individually with therapy clients. Her unique combination of a 26 year yoga practice, 20 year massage therapy practice, 20 years teaching yoga, and now 13 years practicing Yoga Therapy (personally and professionally) brings a level of experience to those seeking to improve their state of well~being not found anywhere else in our area.  Spearfish Healing Yoga is one of a kind.

Be Well.
Be Strong.

Become Still & Grow... TM